Mgr. Helena Tůmová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Helena Tůmová, Ph.D.

Helena Tůmová is graduated in classical archaeology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. She completed her PhD. studies at Charles University and University of Bologna in 2013 (title of her PhD. thesis is Il commercio del marmo a Ravenna nella Tarda Antichità: i materiali del complesso di San Severo). She specializes in late antique archaeology especially in Italy and professes this theme in the Institute for Classical Archaeology (Charles University). She participated in several archaeological campaigns led by the University of Bologna in late antique localities of Galeata (Forlì) and San Severo (Classe, Ravenna). She received a government scholarship from Italian government three times within which she conducted a research of stone artefacts and architectural decoration at San Severo in Classe and Ravenna.

Currently she is involved in the project Ostia antica.

She works as a translator from the Italian language and coordinator of scientific courses and conferences.